Tuesday Designs is a collaboration between sisters Taryn and Elise Eales.

Each 'artwork' borrows from fantasies of dress up and play. Dresses are meticulously pieced together from pieces of antique fabric while birds peer from cages of embossed paper or out of pear trees that look like clouds. Skirts hide the blackbird in the rain, a hot air balloon ball-gown is perfect for that windy Sunday picnic and the 'bluebird of happiness' dress must always be worn for birthday parties. Each wing is painstakingly pieced together after perhaps hours of sifting through piles of tiny off-cuts searching for the perfect piece. Most are sourced from the remnants of vintage kimonos. Marks and darnings are intrinsic to each piece revealing its history, …a geisha’s undergarment… if only it could speak, oh the stories it might tell, and how might we blush.

We describe our work as much about our relationship and closeness as sisters as it about anything else. “We have always been close, always held hands when crossing the road and always finished each other’s sentences. Perhaps that is an appropriate way of looking at our artwork…as a sentence or thought finished by the other.”

Our work is a collection of birds that inhabit not just the parks and gardens of childhood but our present and waking dreams. They peer shyly from the skirts of freshly ironed frocks, proudly from the tallest trees, and our paper cages will not hold them long… they are free to come and go as they wish. Don’t imagine for a moment that they will be silenced as is the fate of many behind glass… their songs will lull your children to sleep and colour your blue and red days.